Greetings from the train from good old Bavaria back to good old Amsterdam.

Just proudly presenting the result of some hours of WordPress rediscovery.

A long story short:  Updating one’s website doesn’t just happen.

But, yay, now the work is done. Ok, it never is. But still: It’s so nice to have given CharllotteMusic a fresh coat of paint. I hope everyone enjoys, it contains a lot of embedded <3.

More blogpost-news soon. Exciting stuff coming up!

Let me know what you think of CharllotteMusic, if you like.

XOXO Charllotte

2023 has only just begun

It has been a while. During the last couple of years I have braced stormy weather, found my inner Mermaid and got me some Soundeducation.

To be completely honest, I am primarily writing here right now because I am updating this very website and checking if the blog section still works.

Habitual blog-writing is on my new-habit-list, though. So hopefully more soon.

2023 has only just begun… and there is some exciting news this year.

Keep u posted!

XOXO Charllotte

Jul Jul, strålande Jul (Christmas, shining Christmas)

Jul Jul, strålande Jul (Christmas, shining Christmas)

Happy and blissful Holidays everyone!

Personally, I am not a very religious girl.

But I do love Christmas. It’s the time when I get to see my scattered family of world-citizens. It’s when many want to show the best side of themselves by sharing best wishes and thoughts of Love and Peace. And very importantly, it is how we get ourselves through the darkest days (at least over here in Europe) of the year together.

We light candles, decorate our houses and streets with shiny things, we celebrate life, we reflect, think of those in need and maybe even help them. We eat special food and drink special drinks, we give eachother thoughtfully collected presents, and a hug.

So if you haven’t seen it yet or heard it yet on Social Media: Here is our little present for you (it includes a virtual hug)! We took a spin on the gorgeous Swedish Christmas-Classic “Jul Jul, strålande Jul”! and you can listen to it for free on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp.

Lyrics: Edvard Evers / Music: Gustaf Nordqvist. Published: 1921

Arrangement and production: Wilco Koster and Dave Sahanaja @My Cozy Homestudio

Vocals: Charllotte / Artwork: Edwin Boering  / Photography: Vassilis Triantis

Here is the translation of this very special song:

Christmas, christmas, shining christmas

Luster over white forests

Heaven’s crowns with sparkling lights

Glimmering arcs in all the God’s houses

Psalm that is sung from time to time

Eternal longing for light and peace

Christmas, christmas, shining christmas

Luster over white forests

Come, come, blessed christmas

Lower your white wings

Over the battles’ blood and alarm

Over all the deep sighs coming from human chests

Over those families who go to rest

Over the young ones’ dawning nest

Come, come, blessed christmas

Lower your white wings

Catch up soon! XOXO Charllotte

Autumn Songs

Dear music-lovers, friends and family!

Autumn has definitely kicked in by now in all it’s colorful freshness.

Time to cozy up inside and enjoy the view!

Meanwhile, we released some new music last October in Amsterdam’s Sugarfactory. Again, the production is by my dear friends Dave Sahanaja and Wilco Koster. Here it is online, for streaming and downloading. Enjoy!

Below you can read the background stories to these three original songs.

Proudly presenting the EP ‘(t)Reue’:


During the famous crowdfunding earlier this year, there was an option to make me write a song according to one’s wishes.

This is one of these songs and here is it’s story:



Once upon a time my very, very first boyfriend and I were 13, and we really dug each other… Until something happened, something that I later on never really managed to recall.

Approximately 1000 years later we met again on Facebook, and he bought this crowdfunding-option and asked for a song, in German, in which he demanded yours truly should beg for his forgiveness! “Why?” I asked. “What did I do?” Turns out, I had kissed another boy… ah, dawning insight… Ups. Might have mixed up several relationship statuses back then or something…

Oh dear… bad, bad (confused and sad) teenaged Charllotte!

And so I dug deep, went back to memory lane, looked around, lyrically got down on my knees and apologized with all my heart. The song “(t)Reue” is the result.

“Treue” means “being faithful”, and “Reue” translates to “regret”.


Features the brilliant Efraïm Trujillo on soprano sax!






The Swedish word “Vingar” translates to “wings”:

Jag har upptäckt mina vingar, sakta rör dom sig när jag stiger.

I have discovered my wings, they are moving gently as as I rise.

Och jag lyftes upp av vinden. Det är nu, bara nu!

And I am lifted upwards by the wind. Now is what is real, only now!

Luften sjunger… I mitt inre.

The air is singing… inside of me.

This song was recorded earlier in 2010, when I had just written it. This is the new version, and man do we enjoy playing this one live! Awesomeness. What a blessing it is to see a song grow and develop through the years.

Come fly with me…


Within this song I hoped to capture the joyous celebration of a commited, loving relationship.





There might just be nothing more beautiful on earth, than the moment one wholeheartedly can say “yes” to another person and mean it.

Here’s the story:

Two friends of mine met during one of my concerts 10 years ago.


How marvelous is that?!? And this year they got married.

(Which proves that at least one very good thing happened in 2016, am I right?)

I was asked to write a special weddingsong for them and to perform it during their ceremony… a humbling experience. There probably is no bigger honor, than to play an active role in a meaningful ceremony!  We decided to record this one last Summer as well, because we like it’s vibe and felt like sharing the joy. Wilco Koster’s capabilities as a producer really shine here.

We hope you love it, too!

These are the words these two beautiful people made me find:

“My dreams became words.

They filled the air.

And now I speak the truth.

We set the stage and we are here.

We are here…You speak my heart.

You hear my song. You hold my hand.

And now, we’re united.”

Bye for now, catch up soon! XOXO Charllotte